While Lyon’s Festival of Lights (or “Fête des Lumières” in French) just wrapped up, we can still marvel at some of thestandout light installations. As first time participants of the event, Canadian collective Lucion Media blew visitors away with their colorful, light-changing spheres in the gardens of the Grande Côte. As visitors strolled up a flight of stairs, they were greeted by 12 of these huge bubbles, five of which housed birds in aviaries, birdcages and nests. They were like a magical theater of shadows!

As Lucion Media states, “The concept behind the nests is that a secure and comfortable environment allows children to dream and create with confidence… as in a nest, he can imagine his world!”

On a side note, a man proposed to his girlfriend inside one of these spheres. Congrats to the future bride and groom!

Lucion Media’s website
Photos credits [Fete des Lumieres] [Lapresse], [Erwann], [ 6lv1 ]