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For Quinn, sculpture is primarily an art of communication, a medium through which he aims to help people evolve further in tolerance, understanding and harmony. ‘I make art for myself and for people who wish to come along for a ride through my dreams’, he says. ‘How we live our own lives is of the utmost importance, and most of my work has to do with values and emotions.’

Born on 7 May 1966 in Rome, son of the Mexican-American actor Anthony Quinn and his second wife, costume designer Iolanda Addolori, Lorenzo Quinn had a childhood split between Italy and the United States of America. His father had a profound influence on him, both in terms of living in the limelight of the film world and with respect to Anthony’s early work in painting and architecture.

Here we can see some of his works:



Bronze, stainless steel and aluminium Cultural Village, Doha, Quatar – Oct 2011



Marina Barrage, Singapore Oct 2008 – Aluminium and stainless steel



54th Venice Biennale Italy – July 2011 – Material: Expanded polystyrene, Polyurethane (density 75) and plastic paint – 300×300×15 cm

“GAIA” – Material: Patinated bronze and stainless steel (45 x 63 x 44 cm)


The Universe is to us like a mother to a child for whom her love and daily care are needed for his survival.


“GRAVITY” Female (Bronze) & “GRAVITY” Male (Alumimium and marble)

It is essential to find a balance in life.

Many times that balance is achieved with the help of the people who surround us
and that hold us firmly to the ground and without whom we would float into perdition.



“THE EYE” – Aluminium – Dubai 2014


“HAND OF GOD” – Longdole Polo Club, Gloucestershire, England


“FOUR LOVES”- Bronze, Aluminium, tile wood, stainless steel, red travertine and corten steel

“HARMONY” – Material: Bronze and aluminium (63,5 × 125 × 28,5 cm)

Each person fills a space that the other was missing and therefore completing his companion.
This creates a perfect harmony that is essential to every relationship.



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“The calm above the turmoil of mind chatter seeking for answers.”

Other works:

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Serie: Les Voyageurs. “Le Grand Van Gogh” – Bronze original Tirage limité à 12 exemplaires.

“Les sculptures de Bruno Catalano nous révèlent le désir de l’artiste de présenter la sculpture avant lui en timbrant la sculpture de son propre style et en visant à capturer l’attention du spectateur. Admirant l’art depuis sa jeunesse, Bruno Catalano a débuté sa carrière de sculpteur avec un remarquable talent en 1990. Jouissant d’une renommée nationale et internationale, les sculptures de Bruno Catalano font partie des collections de grandes sociétés et des grandes collections privées et publiques dans le monde. Elles sont exposées en France, Angleterre, en Chine, en Belgique, en Suisse, et aux États Unis.” [Galeries Bartoux]

Serie: Les Voyageurs. “Le Napolitain”

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