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7cf563b4f4f9ebb9a6862cf56de0abe2Accessorize your tableware collection with the adorable Ceramic Whale Pitcher.

The cute, happy face on the pitcher is sure to bring a smile to yours.


This darling creature is equally at home serving beverages to guests or helping to tend your indoor herb garden.


A welcome addition to any backyard barbeque, he will add a functional and decorative seaside touch to your outdoor picnic.

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Globoy solar night lamp

  • Light Color: Blue
  • Charging Time: 6-8 hours
  • Working Time: 3-4 hours
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Brings a romantic and warm night

Package Details Weight: 273.92 g
Size: 14.5*9.00*16.7 cm

Kids tend to get all of the bath time fun. Whether it’s Lego’s or shark attacks, bath games and toys are typically left behind once it stops being “cool.” Sega Toys has created a gadget that’s all about giving a relaxing atmosphere while still keeping the sharp objects out of it.

The Homestar Spa Bath Planetarium is a $110 gismo that has three different settings on it for whatever the mood might be. Feel like stargazing? Use the Starry Sky setting. The Rose Bath will turn your water a hued floral pattern, and Deep Ocean will put a manta ray into the water with you!

Clever and creative ways to repurpose and transform ordinary objects into useful stuff.

Old Piano Into Bookshelf | Via

Lightbulbs Into Oil Lamps | Sergio Silva

Bottles Into Pendant Lamps | Via

Drum Kit Into Chandelier Designer: ludwigmetals | Via: JJ’sRedHots

Bicycle Into Sink Stand | Via

Chair Into Shelf/Closet Unit | Via

Hangers Into Room Divider | Via

Spoons Into Lamp | Via

via | DevianArt Profile

Japanese toy manufacturer Kotobukiya is releasing their highly-anticipated ‘Star Wars Light-up Saber Chopsticks’ next week in Japan. The chopsticks allow eaters to illuminate a meal with red LED (shown) or blue light led, so noodles can be slurped up in Jedi-like style.  Preorders ship in November 2012.

Nausicaa Distribution on Etsy started with pillows shaped as statistical distributions, but has expanded their offerings to a wide variety of statistical gifts, including posters, t-shirts, and coffee cozies.



Christmas t Plushie


Set of 50 of Mini Normal


Uniform Plushie


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