“The calm above the turmoil of mind chatter seeking for answers.”

Other works:

1. Detail of Celebrity Workship Syndrome / “A portrait of Angelina Jolie. This sculpture symbolizes and reflects the way modern day society perceives and idealizes celebrities as objects. The embellishments are inspired by the vusual attributes of a Fabergé egg-style jewelry. It is a contemporary “relic”, symbolic of the public veneration that served as its inspiration. The head is displayed above eye level forcing the viewer to look up on it as in pious devotion to a religious artifact.”

2. Death of Venus / “This sculpture is Inspired by Botticelli’s iconic painting “The Birth of Venus”. To the artist the painting is a representation of unsurpassed artistic talent, creativity and originality. In today’s contemporary art world some of those qualities are no longer as important. Art has become more of a commodity and investment too., something that people buy and expect it will be worth more in the future. In this sculpture the skull syumbolizes those changes of cultural ideas and values. The Ferrari red auto paint is a representation of our fast living times, of glitz and glamour yet to some degree the figure itself represents the old traditions. It makes a statement about the development of culture since the Renaissance: How culture, as the total of society’s inherited ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge, keeps changing over time.”

Clockwork Destiny represents the inescapable rhytms of all things. The world turns. The sun rises and sets. Seasons come and go. We are born. We live. We return from whence we came, back into the unknown. “

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