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Stunning Blown Glass




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“The calm above the turmoil of mind chatter seeking for answers.”

Other works:

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Frank Gehry first produced his Fish Lamps between 1984 and 1986 using the then-new plastic laminate ColorCore.

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Infinite Staircase Olafur EliassonThe Infinite Staircase sculpture titled Umschreibung designed by Olafur Eliasson.

The swirled shape connects to itself, creating a continuous structure that looks more like an optical illusion. Hard to contemplate for a long time without getting a bit dizzy, the 9-meter tall staircase seems to be going upwards and downwards at the same time. This never ending spiraling staircase is located right outside the KPMG accounting firm offices building in Munich, Germany, making it convenient for co-workers to go for a stroll or get a quick workout in on their lunch breaks without having to stray too far away.

Infinite Staircase Olafur Eliasson2

Photo taken by C. Krieglsteiner.

daviddelamano_montevideo-6David De La Mano recently completed this new piece entitled “Apatrida” (stateless) somewhere on the streets of Montevideo, the largest city, the capital, and the chief port of Uruguay. The Spanish painter gives us a fantastic monochromatic mural depicting a multitude of characters emanating out of a circle.


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Let’s take a look back on the gorgeous work of Mickey Muennig in the 70s.


Muennig says on his website that “Architecture is more than a shelter; it bonds a continuous and worldwide mystery to its inhabitants,” which certainly holds true for the Greenhouse in Big Sur (California).

Using stone, timber and other natural materials, the master of organic design created a fantasy home that creates an instant communication between the occupant and the breathtaking landscape. A loft bed is suspended at the top of the small space, which is warmed with a glass roof, while a vent promotes natural ventilation.




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